🚩Warning! Unhappy customer ahead…🚩

The problem Let's start with a little story... Winn Ing - EMEA Sales Team Member "In the past 12 months I sold some widgets to ABC Technology. The sale went well and I'm pretty sure they like me 😃 I venture that I could probably sell them some more widgets. I get on the phone, … Continue reading 🚩Warning! Unhappy customer ahead…🚩

Highlight your VIP customers based on SLA

The problem When a customer gets in touch with an issue, the first thing your service department do is view the account record to check the SLA. The SLA information is right down the bottom of the page so users are asking for a quicker way to identify VIP customers, in this case, those with … Continue reading Highlight your VIP customers based on SLA

Create a Declarative Progress Bar

  Use Case: Alastair Hill works as a Salesforce System Administrator at Universal Containers and has been asked to provide a visual progress bar to enable users to see, at a glance, the status of support tasks' completeness. These bars need to be presented on record pages, list views and reports and should represent, graphically, … Continue reading Create a Declarative Progress Bar