Salesforce Big Deal Alerts

What are Big Deal Alerts?

Big Deal Alerts aren’t just something you need to know about to pass the Admin exam…they provide an easy automation option to alert key users about important deals, ensuring nothing gets missed!

This nifty little feature didn’t make it to Lightning Experience originally, and to set it up, you would need to switch to Classic. Well no more! Since the Summer ’20 release, this feature has also been available in Lightning.

Big Deal Alerts send automated emails to users when an Opportunity reaches or exceeds a certain threshold of Probability and Amount that you determine.

You’ll select the threshold criteria, choose the sender, add a list of recipients and decide whether or not to alert the Opportunity Owner.

Create a Big Deal Alert

Head over into Setup > Feature Settings > Sales > Opportunities > Big Deal Alert (or type “Big Deal Alert” in the quick find box!).

  1. Give your alert a name and tick ‘Active’!
  2. Select your ‘Trigger Amount’ and ‘Trigger Probability’.
  3. Set up the sender details.
  4. Decide who should get notified. You can add:
    • Emails
    • CC Emails
    • BCC Emails
    • Opportunity Owner

What’s great is that you aren’t limited to just Salesforce license holders; you’ll manually type in the email addresses, so you can include other users in your business, even if they have no access to Salesforce.

Classic Vs Lightning – Feature Parity

For a complete overview of feature parity between Salesforce Classic and Lightning, check out Lucy Mazalon’s post on Salesforce Ben “Salesforce Classic vs. Lightning – Is Anything Still Missing?

Useful Links

Set Up Big Deal Alerts for Opportunities

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