Have your say: Complete the annual Mason Frank salary survey now!

Every year I look forward to reading the results of the Mason Frank salary survey. It’s far more than a salary survey though; it’s a deep dive into the Salesforce ecosystem, exploring products, features, diversity, equality, benefits, certifications, and for the first time, the 2020 survey will explore employee well-being.

The survey is most beneficial when it has a broad range of respondents, and every year I am slightly frustrated that more women don’t get involved. Here’s why…

Male vs Female Respondants

If we look at the 2018/2019 salary survey, we can see that 32% of respondents were female, compared to 66% male.

Source: Mason Frank Salary Survey 2018/2019

This may not seem surprising considering this is the technology sector, and we know we have issues with women in STEM and diversity in general. However, we should expect more when it comes to Salesforce professionals as around half of Salesforce Administrators are women!

In the Salesforce for Admins Keynote at Dreamforce 2018, Salesforce co-founder Parker Harris revealed that 48% of the Salesforce Administrator community are women.

Why is this a problem?

Let me show you…

Source: Mason Frank Salary Survey 2018/2019

The figure on the right hand side is taken from the same 2018/2019 Mason Frank salary survey.

Eight in ten men (80%) agree that men and women are treated equally”

Only a third of women (33%) think that their employer pays men and women equally compared to 61% of men.”

Now this post isn’t about pointing fingers or blame. It can be hard to understand an experience you haven’t had yourself. We need to speak up, be heard, be counted and educate those around us.

Because here’s the truth – we are not treated equally and we are not paid the same.

We may also have different priorities and need different things in order to accept a job offer.

The Mason Frank salary survey is used by employers to understand how to attract Salesforce talent. We need to communicate what benefits we need in order to create a sustainable work life balance. The figure below makes clear that women prioritize certain benefits such as home working and flexible working far more than men.

Just think, if we had more female survey respondents, how high might these figures be?

Source: Mason Frank Salary Survey 2019/2020

Speak up and be counted

So, now’s your chance to speak up and have your voice heard. Join me in completing the Mason Frank Salesforce salary survey and lets continue to champion diversity and equality for all.



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Mason Frank Salary Survey Deadline!

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