Automatic Updates on the Report Preview – On or Off?

Sometimes I realise I’m really no different to my users – I hate change! Let me be more specific, I hate change I don’t control, or that takes my by surprise. This can make release time a bit stressful. As well as large enhancements that get a lot of publicity, Salesforce include a lot of smaller changes that can easily go unnoticed, until they’re annoying you and you’re wondering why things aren’t working the same as last week.

With the Spring ’20 release a new feature was unveiled to little fanfare: “Turn Off Automatic Updates to the Report Preview to Edit Reports Faster“. What does it do? Well, the clue is in the name. It’s actually a very smart update that means you can switch off the automatic refresh when building or editing a report.

Why is this useful? Previously, after every change e.g. add a filter or add a new column, you would have to wait for the preview to refresh before you could continue making changes. If you were making a lot of changes, this could really slow down the process of building a report. With the update, you can make all your changes first, then select “Refresh” to see an updated preview.

Report Preview Refresh 1

The thing is, the release made “Update Preview Automatically” turned OFF by default, and I personally prefer my report preview to refresh every time I make a change. In good news, I can easily change the default to ON, and so can you if this is also your preferred way of working!

Report Preview Refresh 2

Useful links

Release Notes: Turn Off Automatic Updates to the Report Preview to Edit Reports Faster (Generally Available)

Salesforce Help: Turn Automatic Updates to the Report Preview On or Off



8 thoughts on “Automatic Updates on the Report Preview – On or Off?

  1. Just discovered this option yesterday! I also like auto updates when I need to see if I’m on the right track, however I turn it off if I am cranking through essentially the same report for multiple people and don’t need to see a preview.

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      1. Yes, that is on each report…but I thought you said there is a default I can check so that any time I go to a report it is ON (as opposed to OFF)? Thanks


  2. I was annoyed that it wasn’t refreshing at first and turned it back on. I thought about it though and realized things were much quicker with it off, so I turned it off again and forced myself to try it out for a while. Now I wouldn’t go back! I still refresh every once in a while to check in on my changes, but it’s made it much quicker for me to build out complicated reports.

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