Help! I can’t change the currency on my opportunity…

Fun story, I recently spent an entire weekend rolling out A LOT of changes. I’m a solo Admin so I do everything, and if something goes wrong with development, it’s my fault.

A few days post roll-out, a user contacts me, saying they can no longer change the currency on their opportunity. Since they were aware I’d just rolled out a bunch of changes, they wondered if I’d done something to cause the issue. They didn’t come right out and say “Christine – you broke Salesforce”, but it was implied.

Now I’m panicking. Logically, I know that none of my changes had anything to do with currency or products, so what was going on?

There are 2 important factors to consider:

  1. My company use multi-currency
  2. My company use opportunity products

A quick google search revealed the answer, and in good news, I didn’t break Salesforce.

“Once a Product record has been added the default currency can no longer be modified, as the Product record was created using the existing default currency.”

It transpires there was never an issue, it was simply the first time the user had needed to change the currency after products had been added.

If you find that you or your users can’t modify the currency on an opportunity, check if it has any products assigned to it! The solution is to remove any products, change the currency, and then re-add products.

Useful links:

Salesforce Knowledge Article: Unable to modify the currency selected for an Opportunity when Multi-Currency is enabled


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