Heading to Salesforce World Tour? Find and follow Trailblazers using Twitter QR codes!

In my last post about using LinkedIn QR codes, I finished with a question:

“Does anyone know if something like this exists for Twitter?!”

As anticipated, the amazing community came through, so many thanks to Tomasz Lipski for confirming that this does exist!

The Salesforce community is mad about Twitter and it’s our main social platform. I think this quote from Paul Ginsberg in his blog “Salesforce Ohana Twitter Starter Pack: What and Who to Follow” really sums up what you can expect when you start making connections on Twitter:

“The Salesforce Ohana is a positive stream of joy to help, support, engage and inspire you.”

So, what are you waiting for? Get your phones out and start building your network right now.

What is it?

“QR codes are machine-readable codes that store URLs. When scanned through Twitter, the codes allow people to quickly find and follow each other.”


Open your Twitter app and click on your profile picture (top, left).

Click on the QR code symbol (bottom, right).

Twitter QR Codes

You are then presented with a QR code that people can scan, or tap the central button to switch to scan mode, enabling you to scan others.

Happy networking!

Useful links & resources

About QR codes on Twitter

Salesforce Ohana Twitter Starter Pack: What and Who to Follow


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