Heading to Salesforce World Tour? Make lasting connections easily using LinkedIn QR codes.

I know, I know…this is a Salesforce Admin blog so why am I writing about LinkedIn?

I picked up this nifty little trick courtesy of Andrea Carvalho (aka @2ManyHockeys) at Dreamforce, and I think it’s super useful for everyone heading to Salesforce events, looking to connect with their peers.

What is it?

“The LinkedIn QR code makes it easy to meet someone offline, and stay in touch with them on LinkedIn. This feature provides a simple and efficient way to find LinkedIn members, and then connect with them by quickly scanning a QR code.”

I had no idea the LinkedIn mobile app even had QR codes, despite this feature being available since 2018!

In layman’s terms, instead of promising yourself that you’ll remember someone’s name and add them later, or attempting to search LinkedIn for them and realising you’ve embarrassingly spelt their name wrong, you can simply ask to scan their QR code.

Simples…(assuming you both have the LinkedIn app installed).


Open the LinkedIn app and click on the QR code symbol next to the search bar.

LinkedIn QR Code 1

You can choose to scan someone else’s code (1) or select “My code” to enable someone to scan yours (2).

LinkedIn QR Code 2

(P.S. You can also simply use your phone’s camera to scan a QR code instead of navigating into the app first and choosing “Scan”.)

With “My code” selected, your new connection can scan your QR code and easily find you on LinkedIn. You can also share your code via message, email and so on (1) and save a QR code to your photos (2).

LinkedIn QR Code 3

So, if you’re heading to the Salesforce World Tour or any other community event, don’t forget to connect to your fellow Trailblazers. Now, does anyone know if something like this exists for Twitter?!

Next steps

I loved this comment so much, I thought I would update the post…

A super idea from @SforceNinja!


Useful links & resources

Using a LinkedIn QR Code to Connect with Members


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