MVP Nominations – Recognise Your Community Leaders

It’s that time of year again and Salesforce MVP nominations are open until 23rd December 2019. If you haven’t already, I sincerely recommend you nominate those in the Salesforce community that have supported and inspired you.

MVP nominations are your opportunity to recognise and thank those that have gone out of their way to consistently help the community. It might be your local user group leaders, blog writers, someone that helped you on the Answers Community and Groups, or anyone you know going above and beyond, demonstrating the qualities of a Salesforce MVP.

What are those qualities? Salesforce describe MVPs as:

“Lifelong learners who go above and beyond to share their expertise and help the entire community blaze trails.”

MVPs should display expertise, generosity, leadership and advocacy. They also need to have been actively contributing to the community for 12 months or more.

Here are some key points:

  1. It only takes one nomination for someone to be considered.
  2. Don’t assume that because you think someone must be an MVP that they actually are – I’ve made this mistake multiple times. Just because you know how awesome someone is, does not mean they’ve been nominated or been awarded MVP.
  3. Don’t assume that existing MVPs will automatically get renewed. MVPs are renewed based on their participation in the past year, and there’s no harm in nominating them again this year.
  4. Give as much information as possible in your nomination. Nominations go through multiple rounds of assessment and those reviewing the nominations won’t know as much about the person you’ve put forward – be clear about what makes them so special!

Besides my usual suspects, this year my nominations are focused on the amazing women that both help and motivate me. Specifically in the UK, I’ll be nominating Lucy Mazalon and Amanda Beard-Neilson, both of whom I assumed were already MVPs because of their outstanding contribution to the community (see point 2 above). So, if you need some nomination inspiration then read on…

Lucy Mazalon

You’ve heard of Salesforce Ben right? Of course you have. But did you know that Lucy is co-editor of and The Drip (the marketing side). She writes an absolute ton of content for both sides of the blog and coordinates many of the guest bloggers (me included).

As well as being a 6 x Salesforce certified Marketing Automation Consultant, she also finds time to lead the London B2B Marketers Group. Smart, polished and super organised, it’s no surprise that Lucy was chosen to be a speaker at Dreamforce ’19. This is one woman who really ought to be recognised as the community leader she is.

Amanda Beard-Neilson

Where to start, is there anything she doesn’t do? Amanda is intimidating in the amount she does for the community and the energy she brings with her. Whether you’re UK based or further afield, there’s a high chance you’ve read her blog or seen her speak.

An international Salesforce events speaker, from the World Tour in London to Dreamforce (to name just a few), Amanda shares advice and wisdom on everything from CPQ to managing an effective global team. She authors Diary of a Saasy Girl, co-leads the London Salesforce Admin Group and is a co-organiser of London’s Calling.

Amanda has been an active participant in our wonderful community for several years and it’s time she was officially recognised by Salesforce.

Now what?

Read the official Salesforce blog to understand what makes an MVP or check out this post by Ines Garcia on Then head over here and get your nominations in ASAP!


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