Time saving tips: Back to Classic…? (A Summer 19′ release highlight)

Personally, one of my favourite features in Lightning, is the ability to use tabs and components to display related lists. Not only does it make the related list more visible, it also shortens and simplifies the page layout when compared to Classic.

However, I appreciate that transitioning to a new interface can be tough, and perhaps some familiarity can help soften the blow…

So, welcome Lightning Full view! As of the Summer 19′ release, you can now choose from the original Lightning Grouped View or the new Full View.

Full View displays the detail fields and related lists together; instead of navigating tabs, your users can simply scroll down, as they did in Classic.

Full View

To get started, navigate to Setup > Home > User Interface > Record Page Settings

Full View Setup

I hope this feature will help some of you (and your users!) transition to Lightning but I thoroughly recommend you try out the Grouped View and embrace the enhanced user interface options that Lightning has already given us.

Gotchas & hints:

*Full view is currently in beta

*Lightning only feature (but this is effectively the “Classic” view)

*Full view may not be available if your org has a lot of fields or related lists – this is because it can affect performance

*To assign to an individual app, record page, record type, profile etc, you will need to create a new Lightning Record Page

*The view selected will automatically be applied to any objects that do not have a default custom record page

Useful resources:

Salesforce Summer ’19 Release Notes: View Records Using Full View (Beta)


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