Time saving tips: Keep calm and switch (a Summer 19′ release highlight)

What does Will Smith have to do with the Salesforce Summer 19′ release? Well nothing really; I just wondered how many other people think of his 2005 hit song when they hear the word “switch”???


Just me? Better get on with the time saving tip then.

As of the Summer 19′ release, you can now keep record context when switching from Classic to Lightning. If you don’t know why this is great news, let me explain a bit more…

Previously, whenever you switched from Classic to Lightning, regardless of where you were e.g. a record page, you were rather unceremoniously dumped on your Lightning home page. This meant having to navigating back to whatever record you’d just come from, adding an annoying number of clicks. Not any more! Switch to Lighting and you’ll land on the same record:

Switch and keep context

If only it worked in the other direction… 👇

Gotchas & hints:

*This change is only applicable when changing from CLASSIC TO LIGHTNING, not changing from Lighting to Classic 😢

*If the same page doesn’t exist in Lightning Experience, you’ll be redirected  to your default landing page

Useful resources:

Salesforce Summer ’19 Release Notes: Keep Record Context When Switching from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience


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