Why you should vote for me to win a trip to Dreamforce ✈

Vote for me!

In a slight departure from my usual tips and tutorials, I’m going to ask you for a favour. I’ve got the opportunity of a lifetime to win a trip to Dreamforce, representing the UK & Ireland as social media ambassador, and I need you to vote for me.

In the UK, attendees of the Salesforce World Tour London could enter the #blazeatrailcontest by submitting a blog or a video about the day. The grand prize: a trip to Dreamforce. I entered and am thrilled to have made it to the 3 finalists. Here’s the catch…I need loads more votes to win and I have less than 3 days to get them.

If you like me or my blog and need no more persuasion, then head over to Twitter and get voting here! If you’d like to know a bit more about why I’m hoping you’ll vote for me then read on.

“A community leader”

Someone described me as a “community leader” recently and it caught me by surprise, in fact, I’m still pretty sure they meant someone else. I’m just one solo admin, doing a couple of things I enjoy.

Answers Community

Being a typical ‘Accidental Admin’, I’m very much self taught, and spent the first few years googling furiously or begging for help on the Answers community (once I realised there was such a thing). Eventually my Salesforce (and googling) skills got to the point where I didn’t need as much help, and I started to notice that I could answer several of the questions being posted. So I did. I kept on answering, spending hours each day helping users from around the world. I loved it and found that when I taught others I also increased my own understanding and awareness. This went on for the best part of a year and I learnt more in that year then I had in the 3 years before.

Salesforce Supermums

I volunteer as a mentor for the Salesforce Supermums programme and it’s something I’m incredibly passionate about. As a woman in technology, I’m keen to help others join the Ohana, learn, get certified and make their way into well-paid, flexible employment. Working and getting certified as a Salesforce Administrator has done wonders for my confidence and job security; I want to make sure that other women have the same sense of empowerment and opportunities.


It took me a while to get involved in the ‘real life’ community and my first community event was London’s Calling 2018. I was blown away by the quality of the sessions and how engaging the speakers were. I had fun, connected with others, all while learning useful tips and tricks. London’s Calling had me hooked and I’ve now spoken at Inspire East, French Touch Dreamin, Salesforce London World Tour and Yeur Dreamin.

The Everyday Admin

I was encouraged to start blogging at Inspire East and soon after set up The Everyday Admin. I now blog as often as I can with tips, tricks and tutorials. The Everyday Admin is designed to be simple and accessible, with blogs that take you through a solution step by step so that you can easily follow along. This means it’s suitable for both beginners and seasoned pros!

Lightning Champion

I became a Salesforce Lightning Champion in 2018 with the aim to help other admins uncover the fantastic declarative capabilities. My blog has a heavy emphasis on Lightning, as do my speaking sessions. You can also find me volunteering for Lightning Champion activities such as booth duty at London’s Calling and “A Morning With Lightning Champions” at the World Tour.

There are so many Trailblazers out there…

I’m not alone in all of these “extra-curricular” activities. This community is awe-inspiring in their commitment to supporting each other. All of these activities benefit me as much as anyone else. They say the best way to learn is to teach others. It’s also well known that being part of a community and having a sense that you are part of something bigger than yourself is key to your emotional well-being. As a solo admin, I felt very isolated for a long time, and it’s only since becoming part of the community that I feel like I finally have the support I need.

“Going to Dreamforce is my dream”

Well obviously; me and everyone else in the Ohana. It’s not my only dream though. Dreamforce would be a beautiful culmination of 5 years solo admin-ing and 2 years as an active member of the community, seeking ways to give back and pay it forward. A chance to finally meet my virtual friends. A chance to spend an amazing week with people I admire, people who inspire me, people who have helped transform my personal and professional life.

Let’s be realistic though, Dreamforce is not the end of the road, Salesforce is a constant journey. Of course I would LOVE to go to Dreamforce, but more importantly, my dream is to continue to support this community, to keep mentoring, to keep advocating for equality, to keep teaching, to keep learning, to keep leading. So if it’s not meant to be, and I don’t win, nothing changes. I’ll continue my journey with Salesforce and with this wonderful community. The support I’ve received over the past few days has reminded me that this is where I’m meant to be and I’m excited for all that’s still to come.

If you’re read all this then thank you! It’s no exaggeration to say that every vote counts and I need A LOT more of them. You can read more about the competition and the entries here and don’t forget to vote here!



3 thoughts on “Why you should vote for me to win a trip to Dreamforce ✈

  1. You’ve touched me and I’m voting for you now! Hopefully, my votes help you win this competition!

    I’m also aspiring to attend Dreamforce this year and need sponsorship and praying some angels get touched to my call.

    I lead the Accra, Ghana Women in Tech Trailblazer Community here in Accra, Ghana- West Africa where Community is Blazing🔥 on fire and with enthusiasm, self- motivation and zeal!
    Check us out @WIT_ACCRA @Kiki_AccraWIT

    Voting NOW OHANA!

    Liked by 1 person

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