Time saving tips: There’s a search bar in the App Launcher 🤦‍♀️

I debated posting this time saving tip for fear of being laughed out of the Salesforce community…maybe this one is too obvious, maybe it’s just me that missed it?!

Then I read #WTHWednesday – The Accidentals’ Salesforce Fails (Take 1) and saw several face-palm scenarios I thought no one else experienced. So, if I missed this feature, maybe you did too?

Drum roll please 🥁🥁🥁

There’s a search bar in the App Launcher and you can start typing the name to find the object you’re looking for…

What Eyebrows

My developer org has become clogged with custom objects so when I need to find one it’s a real nightmare. Check out the video to see how much easier it is with the search bar!

Another slightly useless fact:

Whilst writing this post I also realised that the objects in the App Launcher are displayed left to right. Ugh, my mind much prefers columns and rows being sorted top to bottom (which is reflected in my page layout designs!!).

Left to right

2 thoughts on “Time saving tips: There’s a search bar in the App Launcher 🤦‍♀️

  1. This search box is in that category of things that you go by them a million times a day, and you just don’t see it. It then simply takes someone to point it out, and something within you goes “well, hellooooo?”. Right? I agree that it seems counter-intuitive the arrangement of the list of objects (and I don’t believe it can be re-arranged). Now, I learned (only) recently the apps (I call them “tiles”) can be dragged around. So there you go 😓.

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