Time saving tips: Remove all report columns with a single click using the Lightning report builder!

Ah standard report types….how we love your default columns. We absolutely do not spend an age removing the default columns every time we create a new report (hint: we do).

The Lightning report builder has a really nifty solution for this! You can use the ‘Remove All Columns’ button. It does what it says on the tin. No further explanation needed, but it is a bit hidden and easily missed, so take a look at the video to find out where to find this option.

I was reminded of this cool functionality when reading a great post by Becky Willis from the Accidental Admins called #WTHWednesday – The Accidentals’ Salesforce Fails (Take 1). Check it out for more WTH moments we can all relate to.

Let me also take a moment to say that if you create custom report types you wield a lot of power. Please do not waste this power by creating reports with tons of unnecessary default columns. Put some thought into it and only add default columns that add value. Your users will thank you for it.

Gotchas & hints

*You can only set default report columns for custom report types; not standard.

*According to the Ideas community, there are no plans to allow us to control the default columns on standard report types. However, there is another idea you can vote on to allow us to override standard reports instead. Links below!

Useful links

Idea: Custom default columns when creating reports

Idea: Let us customize which fields appear on standard report types (no plans to implement)

Idea: Override Standard Report Types

Salesforce Help: Design the Field Layout for Reports Created From Your Custom Report Type

Admin Hero: The Hidden Functionality of Custom Report Types


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