Time saving tips: Did you miss the memo about streamlining lead conversion without opportunities?

Last week I answered a question on the community about automatic opportunity creation upon lead convert, more specifically, how to avoid the creation of opportunities on lead convert. 

The solution was simple (more on that in a minute) but it got me thinking, how many more users missed the memo about enhancements to lead conversion in the Spring ’18 release?

If there’s one thing the Answers community has taught me, it’s that staying on top of all the awesome enhancements Salesforce release is pretty tough. Harder still for brand new Admins who are less likely to be aware of how much Lightning has grown over the past few years.

I’ve expressed before the difficulty finding the most recent answers to Lightning questions. There are so many legacy posts online that could easily convince you certain functionality is not yet available in Lightning.

I’m putting this blog post out there, even though the content is still relatively new, in the hope that anyone seeking answers around opportunity creation on lead convert will find their way here!

We’re all in this together

I don’t know about you, but I’m yet to work for a company who’s business process aligns with the concept of automatically creating an opportunity on lead convert….

I definitely feel I’m not alone as the Idea to customize lead convert is an amalgamation of 39 merged ideas, open for 11 years and has 34,3330 points or 3453 votes!

I’ve spent many an unhappy hour deleting opportunities created in error by sales and marketing users (because let’s face it, I’m not giving anyone else delete privileges).

So you can understand why I’d been keeping an eye out for enhancements to lead convert for a long time. In the Spring ’18 release, Salesforce finally answered our prayers and added additional declarative functionality that enables the administrator to default ‘Don’t create an opportunity’ or completely remove all reference to opportunities on the lead convert screen!

The solution

  • Navigate to Setup via the gear icon in the top, right hand corner

Lead Convert 1

  • Type “Lead Settings” in the quick find box, then choose Lead Settings
  • Click Edit

Lead Convert 2

  • You can now select:
    1. Hide Opportunity Section of Convert Lead Window
    2. Select “Don’t create an opportunity” by Default in Convert Lead Window

Lead Convert 3

  • Click Save once you’re done!

The Result

I enabled ‘Hide Opportunity Section of Convert Lead Window’ and, as you can see, when a user converts a lead they no longer see the option to create an opportunity!

Lead Convert 4

Gotchas & hints

*These new options are only available in the Lightning interface

*Any changes to these options made in Lightning will have no impact on the Classic lead convert button

Useful links

Salesforce Spring ’18 Release Notes – Streamline Lead Conversion Without Opportunities


2 thoughts on “Time saving tips: Did you miss the memo about streamlining lead conversion without opportunities?

  1. Great posts! Keep it up. Always love a good reminder of the super-useful features that Admins can put to work for their users to make them successful every day.

    Liked by 1 person

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