Time saving tips: Where’s the ‘Add to Campaign’ report button gone in Lightning?

Last week I had a very simple user request: the requirement was to add all campaign members from last year’s Christmas card campaign to this year’s campaign, and ideally our users would be able to do this themselves, not wait for me to do something magical in the background.

No problem I thought, I’ve got this. I know my stuff. There’s a lovely ‘Add to Campaign’ button on reports. I created a ‘Campaign with Campaign Members’ report, filtered on last year’s Christmas card campaign, saved and ran the report…and then, well, nothing.


Where’s the button gone?! FYI – I’m in Lightning. The last time I did this I was still in Classic.

So I did what I do best: I googled it.

The results were confusing to say the least. The trouble is, when Lightning was first released it was missing a lot of functionality so there are a lot of questions and ideas on the community that say things are not available.

Over time, more and more functionality has been added but these legacy questions and ideas remain. On my hunt for answers, I was reading information that was out of date; every post I read told me the ‘Add to Campaign’ button on reports was not yet available in Lightning.

Well let me tell you it is available! It’s just a bit hidden…

After you’ve run your report, look on the right hand side. Next to ‘Edit’ there is a drop down arrow for more options and in this list you’ll find our friend ‘Add to Campaign’.

Add to Campaign Report Button

I have 18 months’ experience with Lightning and the new placement of buttons still takes some getting used to. If you’re new to Lightning or are considering making the move, hopefully this post will save you a bit of time and grief!

Gothas & hints

  • The report must have fewer than 50,000 records for the button to appear
  • To see the button you need:
    • Marketing User ticked on the user record
    • Read and Edit permission on Campaigns
    • Read permission on Reports
  • To access the Campaign with Campaign Members report:
    • Read permission on Leads AND Contacts (this one caught me out as we don’t use Leads)
  • The ‘Add to Campaign’ button is also available on Contact, Lead and Person Account reports
  • The ‘Add to Campaign’ button is available on custom reports as long as the primary object is Lead or Contact

Useful links

Salesforce Help: Add Campaign Members from Standard and Custom Reports

7 thoughts on “Time saving tips: Where’s the ‘Add to Campaign’ report button gone in Lightning?

  1. Hi Christine, I cannot see that button, even though I fulfil all the conditions you mention. I tested it on Contact reports and on Campaign with Campaign Members reports.
    Any other ideas?
    Thanks, Luison


    1. Can you confirm you definitely have all of the following set up correctly:

      1) Marketing User ticked on your user record
      2) Edit on Campaigns/Leads/Contacts – it’s very important to have edit on BOTH contact and lead
      3) Less than 50,000 records on your report
      4) Can you try using the ‘Contacts & Accounts’ report type?

      I’ve read certain articles that suggest people were also able to resolve this issue by adding ‘Account Name’ to their report; however I have not had to do this to make it work.


      1. Thanks Christine. Yes I can confirm I have all those settings defined properly. And I have tested it with a new (filtered to a few hundred records) Accounts & Contacts report.
        The only doubt in my mind is the permission “View and Edit Converted Leads” in the Sales App – which is unchecked but I cannot Edit because I’m using System Administrator profile, so it only allows me to Clone the profile not to Edit it.
        Shall I give up on the idea??? or post a Support Case with SF?


      2. Converted Leads should not have any implications on campaigns/campaign members. I absolutely encourage you to log a case with Salesforce Support and please let me know what the issue was!


  2. Hello Christine, Thank you for covering the basics.

    I have a query related to this as below. Could you please answer, if possible?

    I created custom “Contacts & Accounts” report and added to a campaign in SFDC. Now this SFDC report shows 1000 records but under the campaign when I click on “View All Campaign Members”, campaign call down report is displayed which shows 1500 records.

    Could you please tell why there is a difference in the record count “Contacts & Accounts Report” vs “Campaign Call Down Report”.

    Thank you.


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