Time saving tips: Set field properties in bulk on your page layout

Did you know you can set field properties as ‘Read Only’ or ‘Required’ on multiple fields whilst editing the page layout?!

No more setting properties one field at a time…

  1. Edit your chosen page layout
  2. Click on a field you want to edit the properties on (you’ve done it right if the field is highlighted blue)


  1. With the first field still selected, press Ctrl on your keyboard and then select any other fields you want to update


  1. Click the spanner on any of the selected fields


  1. Choose your field properties for each field (they don’t have to be the same)
  2. Click ‘OK’


  1. Once you’re happy, save your page layout and marvel at how fast that was!

Don’t forget, this only makes your field read only or required on this page layout; it doesn’t affect any other page layouts or make a field universally read only/required.

*Thanks to Jake Brushafer who shared this on Twitter*

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